Not all Eshmaki strike from the shadows. Some are simply unstoppable, refusing to die or even bleed until they have utterly destroyed their prey. A Hero might think he has the ability to harm such a creature, using special weapons or poisons. Many such Heroes die wondering what went wrong.

Dice Pool: N/A

Action: Reflexive

Normal Effect: The Beast has incredible stamina and pushes on through injuries without complaint, knowing it is only a matter of time before he is at full strength again. Flesh knits together, burns pinken and smooth, and bruises shrink to nothing in seconds. Lost Health returns at the following rate:

  • One point of bashing damage per turn.
  • One point of lethal damage every half hour.
  • One point of aggravated damage every three days.

The Beast also adds his Lair dots on Stamina + Resolve rolls made to resist poisons and toxins, and he can remain wide awake and active for a number of days equal to (10 – his Satiety dots) before succumbing to fatigue.

Low Satiety: The Beast downgrades damage equal to twice his Lair dots at the end of any scene in which he is hurt. Aggravated becomes lethal, lethal becomes bashing, and bashing damage is fully healed. Furthermore, he relentlessly pursues his Hunger. He need not eat, drink, or rest as long as he is actively pursuing a Satiety increase, such as a Nemesis working through the night to set up an elaborate trap to punish the guilty.

Satiety Expenditure: As a last resort, the Beast draws his Horror into his broken flesh, filling in the gaps and borrowing the strength to fight. All bashing and lethal damage, or aggravated damage equal to the character’s Lair, is immediately healed. Furthermore, the Beast cannot be stunned or incapacitated for the remainder of the scene, and suffers no penalties for injury. If the character’s rightmost box is marked with bashing or lethal damage, the Beast keeps fighting normally, though he still dies from aggravated damage in his rightmost Health box.