Dice Pool: Presence + Satiety vs. Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance
Normal: For the duration of the scene, the victim is compelled to obey the Beast. Any attempt to ignore or countermand the Beast’s instructions provokes a breaking point. Orders that would  obviously harm the victim receive a +2 bonus to the breaking point roll. Orders must be simple, single instructions, and cannot be  “queued.” The Beast could order her victim to shoot his friend standing next to him, but if the  Beast wanted his victim to drive across town, break into his friend’s house, and then shoot him,  the Beast would have to accompany the victim and give each order as the previous task was  completed.
High Satiety: The Beast can issue complex commands, or multiple commands in sequence. She can give  a number of orders equal to her Satiety rating at the time the Nightmare was invoked.
Satiety Expenditure: When acting to fulfill the Beast’s commands, the victim either lowers the  threshold for exceptional success to three successes or regains a point of Willpower. The victim chooses which before rolling.